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Information and communications technologies sector-ICT


Name of the operation.
Information and communications technologies sector-ICT
Operation Code.
222315 (Basque Statistics Plan)
Responsible body
Type of operation.
Methodology according to the origin of the data


The general aim of ICT Sector is to provide political heads, social and economic agents, university and private researchers and citizens in general, with periodical information about the dimension of the Sector of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Basque Country.


ICT Sector is defined according to the criteria adopted by the OECD, including those economic activities, both industrial and services, whose common denominator is their relationship with the industry of information and communications. CNAE-2009 activities included in this sector are the following:
CNAE-2009 activities
CNAE-2009 Code Name
2611 Manufacture of electronic components
2612 Manufacture of loaded printed circuit boards
2620 Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
2630 Manufacture of telecommunication equipment
2640 Manufacture of consumer electronics
2680 Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
4651 Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
4652 Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and components
5821 Publishing of computer games
5829 Other software publishing
6110 Telecommunications by cable
6120 Wireless telecommunications
6130 Satellite telecommunications
6190 Other telecommunications activities
6201 Computer programming activities
6202 Computer consultancy activities
6203 Computer facilities management
6209 Other information technology and computer service activities
6311 Data processing, hosting and related activities
6312 Web portals
9511 Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
9512 Repair of communication equipment


Geographic scope:
The three provinces of the A.C. of Euskadi.
Time frame:
Date or period to which the data refers: natural year.

Statistical sources

The statistical sources used were as the following:

  • Directory of economic activities
  • Economic accounts
  • Industrial statistics
  • Survey on trade and repairs
  • Sundry services survey
  • Technological development and scientific research statistics (R&D)
  • Technological innovation survey
  • Information society in companies survey
  • Foreign trade survey



Annual dissemination of data:

  • Internet: www.eustat.eus
  • Press releases

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